Sunday, 31 December 2017

Goodbye 2017

Phew, what a year!

This has without doubt been the most challenging year of my life, all because of my health or rather lack thereof. Physical illness, mental illness and everything in between, I was hit hard for almost the entire year of 2017.

But through all this I was also surrounded by so much love. My boyfriend/partner/soul-mate/love of my life has taken care of me when I could not and has shown me more patience and love than what I thought was possible, and all these struggles have almost brought us even closer together. Maybe there really is a silver lining in everything.

Right now I'm able to work half-time and I've accepted that. I've also accepted that I need more rest than usual and that I can't be so f***ing perfect all the time. In a few days I will finally begin my Kundalini Yoga teacher training which I'm so excited about. I have a good feeling that it will help me in so many ways, or rather help me to help myself.

I have no New Year's resolutions this year. I will simply focus on getting well in 2018. I will focus on the good things in life; my partner and my other loved ones, my yoga practice, travelling and not to forget tea and books and nature and rest and hot baths and music and food and all the other good things. I will try to see the magic in every single day.

Happy New Year friends! It's going to be a good one.


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