Thursday, 1 March 2018

My Favourite Kundalini Books

Everyone who's read this blog or follow me on Instagram knows about my deep love for Kundalini Yoga and in January I began my teacher training. At the moment I sometimes go to classes but most of my practice is actually done at home with the help of books. I think that Kundalini Yoga is very well suited to be done at home as the postures/instructions are easy to understand (but can still be very challenging). With other forms of yoga (I mostly do Ashtanga when I'm not doing Kundalini) I prefer to go to classes at the studio though.

One day I should probably write a blog post about Kundalini Yoga and what makes it so special and dear to me. But for now I thought I'd share my favourite books about the practise and philosophy. For my fellow yogis, please share your favourite books in the comments!

Kundaliniyoga för hälsa, livskraft och självkännedom by Wiveca Hjalmarsson
This was my first book about Kundalini Yoga bought many years ago and I still go back to it over and over again, so much that it will soon fall apart :) It's a great book for beginners as everything is explained in an easy to understand manner. It contains a lot of information about Kundalini Yoga, a yogic lifestyle, kriyas (yoga sets), meditations and mantras. Sadly I think that it's only available in Swedish, but for my fellow Swedes I couldn't recommend it more.

Essential Kundalini Yoga by Karena Virginia and Dharm Khalsa
This book is very informative and has very detailed instructions. It contains some yogic philosophy but it mostly focuses on postures, kriyas (yoga sets) and meditations. It has quite a modern feel to it and I guess it would be great for people who feel a bit put off by the "hippie yoga scene".

Kundalini Yoga - The Flow of Eternal Power by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa
This thick book contains masses of information about the yogic lifestyle and covers subjects like yoga (of course), meditation, mantras, sleep, breath, happiness, etc. The author studied directly under Yogi Bhajan (who took Kundalini Yoga to the West) and the book is a wealth of knowledge.

Invincible Living by Guru Jagat
This book is so so beautiful, very artistic and beautifully illustrated. The actual yoga and meditation instructions only takes up quite a small part of the book. The rest is about everything from how the mind works to information about the endocrine system and yogic hair care tips. Guru Jagat is a young woman and has a very fresh outlook on the practise of Kundalini Yoga. A very "stylish" but still very informative book.

Kundalini Yoga Sadhana Guidelines (2nd Edition) - Create Your Daily Spiritual Practice - Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan by Kundalini Research Institute.
This book is quite deep and may seem a bit heavy. But it's also so great! The first part contains some general Kundalini Yoga philosophy and then very detailed instructions for morning sadhana (daily spiritual practise). The second part contains very useful instructions about postures, mudras (hand positions), pranayam (breathing), many kriyas and meditations. So it's not just about morning sadhana but an overall great book on everything Kundalini Yoga.

And lastly of course my Level 1 teacher training manual which is probably the greatest source of knowledge that I've ever encountered, not just about yoga but about life itself. I'm just so grateful to be able to have it in my possession.

(In the pic is also a cup of YogiTea and some dark chocolate because I can never have enough of those).

Disclaimer: These books contains some unscientific and restrictive diet advice. If you're struggling with an eating disorder/disordered eating or are easily triggered back into diet culture, I suggest you skip those parts entirely.



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